Relocation in High-Asset Divorce

Relocation Issues For Frequent Travelers With Children

As part of our comprehensive family law services for high-earning professionals and their spouses, we help clients with issues of relocation and parenting time. We work with parents seeking relocation as well as those who object to a former spouse’s relocation because of its potential effect on the client’s children.


Balancing Your Career And Your Children


Too often, your former spouse, or even the judge in your case, may believe that frequent travel and a commitment to your job may interfere with your ability to parent. Our attorneys know that isn’t true, and we fight hard both in and out of the court room to ensure that you are treated fairly in custody determinations.


At The North Tampa Legal Group, P.A. we understand the challenge of balancing work with family. When you retain us to represent you, we will pursue your legal interests so you can focus on what’s important: maintaining your career and spending time with your children.


Our clients include athletes and other high-earning professionals who frequently travel and relocate in the course of doing business. We have helped many of these individuals obtain fair custody and parenting time arrangements that accommodate their demanding careers while giving them the time they deserve with their children. Often, this involves going to trial to fight for their interests. We are prepared to present a tough, compelling case to the judge.

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