Domestic Violence

Are You Subject To A Restraining Order?

If you have been accused of domestic violence or abuse by your spouse, you may be subject to a temporary protection order, also known as a protective or restraining order. You need to take this order very seriously. The consequences of violating the order, or having it made into a permanent order, can be devastating.

Former prosecutor Chris E. Ragano can advise you about your next steps if you are subject to a restraining order. You should not contact the alleged victim if you are subject to a protection or restraining order. Violating such an order could result in an arrest, jail time or additional criminal charges. To talk to a lawyer, call 813-295-7854 to schedule a consultation at our Tampa law office.

Protecting Your Reputation And Your Future

Domestic violence cases move quickly. If your spouse or partner has obtained a temporary restraining order against you, the court will likely schedule a hearing within two weeks to determine if the order should be permanent. It is important that you seek the assistance of an experienced attorney to defend you at the hearing. It is likely that you do not have experience in this area of the law and going without representation could have devastating results.

The consequences of a restraining order can be very serious:

  • You could be kicked out of your home.
  • You could be barred from possessing firearms.
  • You could be preventing from seeing your children.
  • You could lose your job.
  • You face criminal prosecution if you violate the order.
  • You could be placed at a disadvantage in a divorce or parenting time case.

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