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Facebook used to shame those overdue on child support

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in child support on Monday, February 11, 2019.

Most Florida parents understand the need to take care of their children. For those kids whose parents are no longer in a relationship, it can be even more important. One income is often not enough to support children, and there are those parents who have difficulty making, or refuse to make, proper child support payments. One out-of-state sheriff’s office is cracking down on those who are behind in their child support, and using Facebook to do so.

The new sheriff has been on the job for two months and decided to prioritize overdue child support payments. He has been posting photos of people who are behind on the Facebook page of his office. He is hopeful that the added public scrutiny will spur people to begin making payments or warn them that they could be arrested. Federal law states that those with child support payments that are a year overdue or that exceed $5,000 in arrears can be charged with a misdemeanor and fined or jailed.

The Department of Social Services of that county says that many people pay on time, but some do not. The department offers job fairs and an amnesty program to help those that are behind get back on track. One mother says that the father of her children is behind by $9,000, despite only needing to make payments of $125 a month. The DSS director says that the agency doesn’t want to jail people, but it will if necessary.

Those parents in Florida who are paying child support may feel as though it is difficult to keep up. Also, parents who are not receiving the amount of child support that was court-ordered may feel at a loss on how to proceed. Either situation may benefit from legal counsel from an attorney experienced in handling child support issues.