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Ex-wife says lawmaker owes her unpaid child support

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in child support on Tuesday, February 5, 2019.

Parenting is difficult enough even in the best of circumstances. If a divorce is part of the picture, it can amplify any negativity. Even so, divorcing is sometimes the best choice for parents here in Florida and around the country. When one parent owes child support to the other, it sometimes results in disagreements over what the paying parent owes to the receiving parent. This is the case for an out-of-state lawmaker, whose ex-wife claims that he owes her several thousand dollars in overdue child support payments.

The man in this case is a state representative who is the Chairman of the House Appropriations and Budget Committee. In very simple terms, he is responsible for the management of his state’s budget. He and his ex-wife divorced in 2013, and she now says that he owes her over $25,000. The amount is comprised of both child support payments and half of his children’s medical expenses.

For his part, the Representative says he has paid over $250,000 to his ex since their divorce occurred. He says they had a verbal agreement for exactly what he would pay to her, but he is now lamenting that choice. He has a court date for a hearing where he will answer to the charge of civil contempt.

Parents here in Florida can learn a great deal from this story. A verbal agreement between two parties may seem like an easier solution, but if one party refuses to uphold the agreement, it can leave the other person with little recourse. Consulting an experienced attorney to determine a complete child support agreement may be the best choice for a parent who is going through a divorce that involves children.