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Collaborative divorce may be better option than litigation

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Monday, January 7, 2019.

Divorce is often a painful and sad process for families, even when it is the best choice for everyone involved. People considering divorce may feel discouraged at the potential for a long legal battle when they are anxious to just start their new life. However, for many people in Florida, there are other options besides fighting out every detail in a courtroom. Some experts recommend mediation or a collaborative divorce as these alternative dispute resolution options can achieve the same end in a much easier process.

Experts who tout the benefits of a collaborative divorce say that it is an option that is usually less costly than going to court. It involves each spouse working with their respective attorneys out of court to reach an agreement that is amenable to both parties. Other experts might be brought in for specific reasons, such as a child specialist or a divorce coach. Mediation is a similar option where a neutral party can be utilized in order to handle a particular issue, such as child custody. Whereas litigation can be a laborious and expensive process, making any future dealings with an ex contentious, collaborative law can be faster and more agreeable.

The same experts also have other tips for those who are going through a divorce. First, avoid looking for revenge — even if an ex cheated, the courts generally won’t get involved unless the affair caused a major financial impact. Children should be left out of proceedings — even if a parent isn’t deliberately badmouthing his or her ex, kids can pick up on negative feelings. Also, being educated on the exact financial details of one’s marriage will help each person feel more secure and help avoid any confusion or upset.

Those who are looking to end their marriage would benefit from the advice of an attorney here in Florida who has experience with collaborative divorce. Consulting a professional may be the best way to ensure that everyone involved in the proceedings feels as though their concerns are addressed. Avoiding litigation may be the best solution for both ex spouses.