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Military divorce: Enlisting may be an indicator of future divorce

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in military divorce on Monday, December 17, 2018.

Florida military families make many sacrifices on behalf of the nation. It is one of the highest callings a person can answer, though it is not without its stresses. Long deployments, moving around frequently and other difficulties can greatly affect family life. A recent study examined various career fields and found that military careers may be disproportionately more likely to factor into divorce. It is unfortunate, but military divorce is a reality for many families.

A recent study based on U.S. Census information found that out of the eleven career fields most likely to experience divorce, three of them are military-related. Those military supervisors who are considered first-line have the highest percentage of divorce, at 30 percent, and the risk rose for those who are under the age of 30. The other two categories are those enlisted personnel who work in tactical operations and air weapons and those in the military with an unspecified rank, including military veterans. The rates for those two categories are around 15 percent. Also, the study found that women in the military in general have a higher rate of divorce.

As mentioned earlier, a career in the military can mean deployments that last for great lengths of time. Families are often required to move around the world, not just the country, in order for the military spouse to work. Even when that same enlisted spouse finishes his or her military career, attempting to reintegrate him or her back into civilian life can be difficult. All of these factors, plus more, can cause a great deal of stress for Florida families, and many are unable to weather the storm.

Should the marriage falter, families may benefit from consulting a legal professional. Open communication is imperative throughout divorce proceedings so that all parties involved can move forward with their lives after divorce. An attorney may be able to help families navigate through a military divorce to ensure that the dissolution of marriage is as smooth and amicable as possible.