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Fortnite now a common reason for divorce

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

Avoiding distractions in a technological world is not just difficult, it may be impossible. Although virtually anything can become a distraction, some couples may be struggling with an issue that is not isolated to Florida or even the United States. Increasingly, Fortnite and other popular online multi-player games are popping up in divorce filings.

As a gaming phenomenon, Fortnite is perhaps quite impressive. Worldwide it has more than 100 million players, many of whom dedicate significant amounts of time to the game. While the game itself is not a problem, the time some people spend playing it is.

One family law expert noted an increase in divorce filings citing the other spouse’s gaming habit. Complaints often include the amount of time individuals spend secluded — whether physically or emotionally — engaging with a video game instead of with their spouse. This type of behavior is not only problematic for a marriage, it might also be indicative of a gaming disorder. The World Health Organization recently added gaming disorders to its list of issues regarding mental health, with one of the diagnosing factors relying on significant impairment to the important areas of a person’s functioning for at least a year.

Gaming addiction is perhaps not so different from substance addictions in that it prevents couples from communicating and engaging with one another. When these types of issues lead to a breakdown of the relationship, individuals in Florida often turn to divorce. Although initiating the process might be overwhelming, the outcome can help set divorcees on paths toward better emotional and financial health.