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Ask questions and avoid trying to “win” during divorce

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Tuesday, July 24, 2018.

Many of the challenges that come with divorce are due to a misunderstanding of the legal, financial and emotional realities. Some people can be too focused on “winning” in a divorce. However, the better approach may be to ask the right questions to your Florida divorce professionals, like a lawyer and financial planner, to avoid making a mistake or not covering all bases. Being proactive and careful rather than treating it like a competition is a less aggressive and often more effective way of behaving in a divorce.

The most important thing to do when going through a divorce is to ask the right questions. For example, it would be helpful to ask a financial advisor questions about what lifestyle changes may need to be made. A third party advisor may also be able to clarify whether a person is effectively approaching the divorce by offering unbiased guidance.

Individuals should also consider and prepare for all possibilities in a divorce. What happens if one party dies before the divorce is finalized? Is everyone still covered by insurance from one spouse’s company, or will another policy be needed? In these cases, preparation can prevent serious obstacles.

People going through a divorce in Florida should also check in on their own emotional health and make sure their decision-making is not compromised by resentment or anger. Self-reflection, third party guidance from unbiased sources and a focus on facts and numbers can help with this. A family lawyer is an important person to speak to and work with as part of this process.