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Florida grants more 50/50 child custody than other states

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in child custody on Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

Disputes over the amount of time one spends with his or her children following divorce can be a challenge in any state, but certain places make it easier than others. According to a recent study from child custody scheduling software Custody X Change, fathers in Florida are more likely to get 50/50 custody than those living in other states. Several other states were also cited. Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware and several others also have a tendency to give fathers 50 percent custody.

Fathers who want equal time may have a harder time in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Illinois and Georgia. In fact, children in Tennessee spend less than 22 percent of their time with their fathers per year. Nationally, fathers typically receive about 35 percent of child custody time on average.

The study was based upon a survey of legal professionals about the schedules they often see, along with a review of judicial standards. They only considered cases where both parents wanted custody. Florida fathers have diverse experiences, with some saying they were treated fairly by the system and others reporting discrimination. A judge in the state says the best interests of the child are always of predominant importance.

The judge also noted that fathers have become more involved in the custody process in recent years, perhaps due to an increase in resources, more flexible work schedules and better access to information. In Florida, child custody arrangements are typically agreed upon by each parent through mediation. Those seeking legal guidance in this process should work with a family lawyer in the state to understand their rights and obligations.