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Men and women cope with divorce differently

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Thursday, May 24, 2018.

The end of a marriage can be a trying time for any person. The process can come with a period of grief along with the common negotiations of support, property and custody issues. One psychologist has found that men and women tend to face a marital breakup in different ways. Her findings may be of interest to individuals in Florida who may be considering divorce.

She claims that women rely on their social networks before and during the divorce. Many women, she says, express their feelings to friends and family before and during the divorce and are able to work through difficult emotions at that time. Women tend to notice marital problems and feel relief when those problems are ended by dissolving the marriage.

Men on the other hand may experience shock and dismay upon learning that their partner was unhappy. The psychologist says that men can have a harder time coping after the divorce, and that their social circles will actually decrease after breaking up with their wives. Men also face losses of emotional support, finances and possible interruption of their parental role.

Every person is unique, and the overall trends certainly do not represent every person’s situation. But her findings may highlight some of the common issues experienced by individuals in Florida. The support of a mental health specialist can be useful for the emotional aspects of divorce. Some also find that the services of an experienced attorney can help them with other aspects of divorce such as custody, support and property division.

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