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Creative ways to announce a divorce

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

Celebrities live very public lives. That’s why, recently, two famous movie stars came together to announce their divorce together on social media. The everyday Florida resident may not find the need to announce the end of a marriage to a throng of fans, but he or she can take some style advice from Channing Tatum and Jenna Delwan Tatum and announce an intent to divorce in a way that is civilized and respectful.

The two posted an identical message on social media at the same time, stating that they mutually decided to end their marriage, but also expressing their intent to co-parent peacefully and also asking for privacy. The pair was beloved by their fans and some are sad about the ending, but the manner in which the couple have chosen to break it off can be envied. Surely the announcement came after informing their closest loved ones, including their children, but early enough to stop any speculation.

A few tips that other couples may choose to use when announcing or speaking about a divorce include not placing blame on any one party. If possible, the mature way to see the issue is to recognize the part that each person played in the marriage. When two divorcing parties are able to work as a team, they can present a unified front even in the face of a breakup, which can make things easier for any children. Couples with children especially may benefit from a civil and friendly divorce, allowing easier maintenance of familiar relationships for the kids. Divorce can still be a challenge, however, so knowing when to take time for extra space can help ease any tensions that arise.

There are a lot of moving parts during a divorce. If an individual’s circumstances allow, it makes sense to remain civil and friendly when ending a marriage with a former partner. For the other issues that arise, having outside help can be a good option. In Florida, when settling child custody and property issues during a divorce, a family law attorney can be a useful guide.

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