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Property division gets a modern twist in 2018

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in property division on Thursday, April 5, 2018.

When two people separate, it can be expected that they may not see eye to eye on everything. After all, if they were in total harmony, they probably wouldn’t be separating. Florida property division laws were created so that divorcing couples could have a guideline to go by and keep things fair. In the current age, couples are disputing ownership of some modern types of property and keeping lawyers on their toes.

One such modern dispute is who gets ownership of frozen embryos. Technological advances have allowed couples to freeze embryos in hopes of later realizing parenting dreams. When the pair decide to separate, the embryos are treated as personal property like any other. Some judges have decided, though, that it is not permissible to force another person to become a parent against his or her will. Therefore, both parties must agree if a decision is made to try and carry the embryo to term.

Another quirky and modern dispute is ownership of the shared Netflix account, as well as phone and cable accounts. While there can be a financial benefit to maintaining cable and phone accounts, the streaming subscription service disputes have some lawyers scratching their heads. These types of accounts can be easily replaced. Some curious exes may use the data available on a shared streaming account to keep up on what the ex is watching and renting.

Property division is a changing concept in the modern time, but divorcing couples in Florida still also need to tend to separating banking accounts, properties and assets alongside the Netflix account and fertility assets. These agreements can be a challenge to settle alone. An individual who is looking for experienced outside help may choose to consult with a family law attorney.

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