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Britney Spears’ ex seeks child support increase

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in child support on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

The ex-husband of pop star Britney Spears is seeking more money to take care of the children. He has full custody of the former couple’s two children, and is currently receiving monthly child support payments. He recently asked for more money, citing the singer’s increased income and a desire to more fully provide for the needs of the kids. Just like many other Florida parents seeking additional support, the father, Kevin Federline, says that he is willing to take the issue to court if necessary.

The two were married in the 2000s, and divorced not long after the birth of the second child. While Federline currently has custody of the kids, it is reported that the relationship between the two parents is friendly. He offers visitation to Spears and receives approximately $20,000 in child support monthly. Sources report that the father wishes to work out an agreement for additional funds amicably, but so far such an agreement has not been made.

The pop star has seen growth in her income. A recent Las Vegas residency netted her over $137 million alone. The father argues that the children deserve to benefit from some of that income, and that extra funds can help him fully provide for the children’s needs.

Reports indicate that the child support conversation has not yet yielded results, but that Federline is willing to take the legal route. He feels that the significant increase in Spear’s finances should be reflected in the support payments. Florida parents may be facing similar issues in raising children. For child support order modifications, many parents opt for the support of an experienced family law attorney.

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