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Research indicates that shared child custody benefits children

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in child custody on Thursday, August 31, 2017.

Gone are the days when mom automatically got the kids when a marriage ends. Changing attitudes and recent scientific research both bear out the concept of shared custody. Relationships between child and parent overtake parent-parent relationships after a divorce. In Florida, child custody agreements may soon be taking a turn toward shared custody as the new default as more and more individuals feel that this model is generally in the best interests of a child.

One significant exception to this policy involves, of course, parental abuse or neglect. In cases such as these, it would obviously not be in the best interests of a child to be with both parents. Other than that, though, the latest research suggests that spending equal time with mom and dad is good for kids. When a child is able to have a relationship with both parents, even if there is some conflict between the parents, a child is better adjusted and can cope better with life’s challenges.

Traditionally, court systems have felt that it was important to reduce conflict for the child’s sake. Granted, conflict is difficult for children, but a researcher at Wake Forest University has indicated that her research did not show a strong link between high conflict and poor co-parenting and negative outcomes for children. What did matter was the quality of the parent-child relationship with both parents.

For Florida families facing divorce, there are a number of options. Child custody does not have to be an either/or proposition. Individuals are able to work with professionals to create a solution that can truly work for the benefit of the child. Experienced family law attorneys are available for consultation on the details of custody arrangements.

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