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4 tips for handling divorce from a narcissist

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in blog on Monday, August 21, 2017.

Many individuals may accuse someone they know of narcissism in a joking capacity. Unfortunately, you may know all too well that true narcissism can cause serious issues, especially during a marriage. If your marriage took a turn for the worst after discovering that you had married a narcissist, you may have wondered how you ended up in such a difficult situation in the first place.

Because relationships with narcissists tend to turn toxic or abusive, you may feel that you hold some fault for marrying such a person. However, you may want to understand that many narcissists have a tendency to hide their true personalities until later in the marriage. At that point, you may feel that it has become too late to easily escape. You may want to remember that leaving a toxic relationship may prove more beneficial than staying.

Offer forgiveness…to yourself

Though your kind and passive nature may lead you to forgive your spouse time and time again for negative behaviors, you may wish to consider forgiving yourself. As you realize that his or her actions continue to hurt you and your family, you may wish to let go of blaming yourself for marrying a narcissist and instead focus on your best options for dissolving the marriage.

Understand what you deserve

Because the selfish tendencies of narcissists can often make victims feel unworthy and undeserving, you may have come to accept the negative untruths that your spouse may have led you to believe. In many cases, your spouse may have acted in such a manner in hopes of getting a rise out of you and garnering more attention for him or herself. Once you understand this type of motive, you may be able to better ignore those tactics by understanding what you deserve and your self-worth.

Focus on yourself and your children

Because your spouse may spend a considerable amount of time working to gain attention for him or herself, you may find yourself in the middle of many conflicts during legal proceedings and in your personal life. However, in order to better move along in your divorce process, you may wish to remain focused on yourself and your kids. By keeping the best interests of you all at the forefront, you may feel more control and better able to ignore feelings of anger over your spouse’s actions.

Approach your case with confidence

Though it may seem difficult to feel confident in such a case, you may wish to help yourself gain confidence as you go through the divorce proceedings. By understanding what you may face and what will likely be expected of you, you may feel more in control of your situation.