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Divorce advice for Florida folks – a divorced mom’s point of view

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Thursday, August 3, 2017.

A person’s life is continually evolving, and some argue that people generally progress in positive ways and become wiser. The fears of the future dissolve as humans learn new ways to adapt and move on. Some people, when facing divorce, fear the future and the changes that come with dissolving a marriage. One divorced woman has shared her point of view in a recent news article that aims to comfort people facing divorce, whether they are in Florida or anywhere across the country.

From her perspective, she feared that her divorce would negatively affect her children. Now, five years out from the separation, she is able to see that her children have adapted and continue to have joy in their lives. Additionally, they have the opportunity to be doted on by loving stepparents, so in some ways divorce has helped increase the amount of love offered to them.

The woman has also found a way to enjoy the additional free time in her life. When the children are away with the father, she is able to enjoy time with her friends and family. Shared custody has brought more ability to pursue interest that are not necessarily kid-friendly.

Individuals contemplating divorce in Florida may take some hope from the generally positive adjustments in the woman’s life post-divorce. While not all divorces are this easy, perhaps her perspective can allay some fears about the divorce process. Getting through the divorce itself can be a challenging process, and one that many people feel that they need help with. A divorce attorney can help guide a person through the divorce process so that they can come to an agreement with their ex on important issues such as child custody, child support and property division.

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