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Florida cities on list with most divorced people

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Saturday, July 8, 2017.

Florida residents know that many things go into determining whether a marriage will stay together or not. Even those people who choose to stay married may do so not because they are truly happy but for other reasons. While some reports have suggested that the overall divorce rate in America has declined or stabilized in recent years, it can still be interesting to see trends relating to divorce in America.

Information was released based upon an American Community Survey conducted two years ago. It looked at how many previously married people lived in different cities across the country. From there, it developed a list of the 15 cities with the highest percentage of divorced residents. Of those 15 cities, five are in Florida. No other state had more cities represented on the list and only Indiana and Ohio were closest with three each.

The Florida cities noted include Largo in the number two position with 17.7 percent of the population having been divorced. In fourth place was Melbourne with 17.3 percent followed by Tamarac in the number seven position with 17.1 percent. In Miami Beach and Clearwater, divorced residents accounted for 16.3 percent and 16.1 percent of the population, respectively.

Regardless of the reasons that lead a couple to end their marriage, it may be helpful to talk with an attorney before filing for divorce. This may help Floridians understand the full scope of the decision and then to make appropriate choices throughout the process.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Where are the divorce capitals of America?“, July 3, 2017