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Stressful divorces can hurt children’s health

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Wednesday, July 5, 2017.

Florida parents understand the difficulties that their children face when their parents are going through a divorce. Yet a new study is showing that how parents treat each other during and after this period can have last effects on the immune systems of the children involved.

As HealthDay News reports, a study out of Carnegie Mellon University looked at 200 healthy adults and how they reacted when exposed to a common cold virus. Adults who had parents who remained married and those who had parents who divorced but remained in contact throughout their childhood had a similar likelihood of contracting the virus. However, adults who had parents go through an acrimonious divorce and who did not speak to one another throughout the subject’s childhood were more at risk for catching the cold. In fact, they were more than three times more likely to catch the cold than the other participants in the study. The researchers believe there is some correlation between childhood stress and the inflammatory systems in the human body that put children who have been through intense stress at risk for poorer health.

In order to decrease the stress on children in a divorce, there are some ways to try to get along after a divorce. Psychology Today recommends clearing up any comments that were made to friends and family that were perhaps overly biased and meant to turn people against an ex-spouse. Also, being critical of an ex in front of the children puts the kids in the middle of a situation they should be protected from. Remaining positive, or at least neutral, can prevent resentment from growing between the parents after a divorce.