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What impact can social media have on a divorce?

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Thursday, February 9, 2017.

While social media is known for bringing people together, it can actually be quite a hindrance in terms of divorce. To this end, Tampa couples going through divorce must be prudent when it comes to their social media usage. Not only can excessive posting give rise to negative emotions and hurt feelings, it might also incur serious ramifications if you’re not careful about what you share with your friends and family.

According to Forbes, a shared social network is quite common among many married couples. Even if your spouse is no longer included on your social media, he or she may still have access to sensitive information. In some cases, this information can be used in court for a number of reasons, from establishing hidden assets to showing that a spouse was not completely honest during divorce proceedings. Knowingly spreading falsehoods in court is a crime, and if found guilty you could be faced with steep penalties or even jail time.

Things shared on social media also tend to be permanent, even if they were deleted at some point. That’s why many legal professionals counsel their clients to never to share anything on social media that they would be uncomfortable with their ex-spouse knowing. The same can be said of text and email; these admissions can easily be used as evidence in court.

So what can you do to prevent social media from impacting your divorce? First and foremost, be extremely judicious about the information you share. It’s also recommended that you increase any privacy settings to prevent your ex-partner from garnering information you’d rather keep to yourself. Even seemingly irrelevant posts about vacations or purchases could be used against you, so be sure to tread lightly.