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Optional parenting plan schedules

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in child custody on Wednesday, December 28, 2016.

When a couple is divorced in the state of Florida and children are involved, a parenting plan will often need to be developed. Whether the parents share joint custody or have supervised time-sharing, Florida Courts state that a decision on an acceptable schedule needs to be agreed to by both parties in order for the court to approve it and continue with divorce proceedings. If both parents cannot determine a suitable plan, the court will create one for them.

There are several options for parenting plans that should be discussed to decide which schedule will best meet the needs of the child as well as those of the parents. Ex-spouses who do not live close together may choose to allow the child to spend the school year with one parent and the summer and holidays with the other. For parents who live closer together, more even splits are possible. states that parents who are granted 50/50 custody may choose to have the child at home one week and with the other parent the next week. They can also switch off every other day, every two days or split the week exactly and spend 3.5 days with each parent.

Couples who are allotted an 80/20 schedule may find that allowing the child to spend the weekdays at one house and some weekends at another works well. There can also be 60/40 and 70/30 splits, but the most important factor to consider is which schedule is going to be in the children’s best interest. Constant switching, as in swaps every two days, may allow each parent to feel that they are getting an equal share of the child’s time, but might cause the child to be constantly confused and stressed about which home they will be going to.