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The challenges of the holidays for couples

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Monday, December 12, 2016.

The holidays can be a time full of fun and joy. However, they can also have their challenges. For example, married couples can sometimes run into trouble during the holidays. Among the many unique things that can come along with the holidays is unique potential sources of arguments. When holiday-related fighting takes over a couple’s relationship, it might not only ruin the holidays for them, but also have impacts on the long-term viability of their relationship.

Examples of holiday-related things that arguments could arise in connection to for married couples are:

  • Gifts: Overspending on holiday gifts in general or one spouse falling into laziness when it comes to their gift-giving to the other are among the gift-related things that could end up being argument triggers.
  • Holiday get-togethers: There are a couple of areas of concern that can come up for couples in connection to such get-togethers. One is the risk of getting burned out from the parties. If a couple gets overly stressed from holiday parties, they might be extra prone to getting into arguments. Another area of concern can be interactions with in-laws, as holiday get-togethers can mean more exposure to the in-laws than normal. Sometimes, when things go bad with the in-laws, it can lead to fights within a couple.
  • Holiday traditions: When spouses are inflexible about traditions and aren’t accommodating each other’s traditions, it could create fertile ground for fights.
  • Expectations: When spouses aren’t taking care to understand each other’s expectations for the holidays, the potential for hurt feeling can be raised quite a bit.

It can be important for married couples to be aware of what sorts of things about the holidays can have the potential to be sore spots and what they can do over the holidays to try to prevent problems from flaring up.

The holidays can also pose challenges when it comes to divorce. For one, it can be a tough time emotionally for divorcing individuals. Also, many logistical concerns regarding the holidays could come up for a divorcing couple, particularly if the couple has children. For divorcing parents, among the big concerns that can come up is what the kids’ schedule for the holiday season will be. When it comes to holiday scheduling issues regarding the kids and other holiday-related matters that can come up in divorce proceedings, a parent may want a divorce attorney’s guidance.