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Report: Tampa the 30th most single-friendly city in the U.S.

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in divorce on Friday, December 9, 2016.

Among the things a person may find challenging after a divorce is adjusting back to single life. Many different things can impact how smoothly this transition ends up going for a divorced person. This includes how good of a place the area that they live in is for singles.

How single-friendly of a place is Tampa? A recent WalletHub report indicates it is one of the better places for single people in the nation.

The report looked at the single-friendliness of America’s 150 highest-population cities by reviewing various factors that fall into three broad categories: dating opportunities, dating economics and romance & fun. The report used its findings to rank these cities.

Tampa did pretty well in the rankings, being given an overall single-friendliness rank of No. 30. This was the fifth highest rank held by a Florida city (11 Florida cities were ranked in the report).

The category Tampa had its best performance in was the romance & fun category. It was ranked 6th best in the whole country in this category. Only one Florida city did better than Tampa in this category: Orlando (with a rank of No. 3).

How good of a place do you think Tampa is for adjusting back to single life after a divorce?

Another thing that can impact the transition back to single life after a divorce is what happened during the divorce process. What resolutions to key issues (like property division) were reached in the divorce and how specifically they were reached can impact how emotionally and financially ready a person is to move on with the various aspects of their life after the divorce. Skilled divorce attorneys understand that what happens in divorce proceedings can have the potential to have big implications for a person’s future and can assist divorcing individuals with developing divorce proceeding strategies and approaches aimed at helping them get into a strong position to have the kind of post-divorce life they want.