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Boxer must turn over car, bronze medal and title belts to ex

On behalf of North Tampa Legal Group posted in child support on Friday, February 19, 2016.

A judge in Hillsborough County, Florida, has socked it to a former light heavyweight champion boxer. Known as the “Magic Man,” Antonio Tarver was told by the judge that he must surrender his 2010 ML350 Mercedes, his 1996 Olympic bronze medal and his world title belts to his ex-girlfriend.

He reportedly owes the woman $750,000 in child support. The two have a teenage daughter.

Needless to say, the boxer was not pleased with the judge’s ruling. He told the judge, “You’re killing me, man, really. How am I gonna get to work? How am I gonna get to training? How am I gonna provide for myself with no transportation?” The judge told Tarver that he need to remain calm. Tarver answered that she was taking away his whole life.

Since Tarver tested positive in 2012 for a banned substance, he has had a difficult time finding steady work. In court filings, though, he said that he earned $250,000 from a fight in New Jersey last August and that he gets $10,000 each time he appears on Spike TV’s Premier Boxing Champions as an analyst. That money, according to Tarver has gone towards loans that he had to repay.

When you are owed child support, there are multiple ways that it can be collected. This can include wage garnishments, bank levies and/or tax refund interception. Your divorce attorney can help you if your child’s other parent refuses or can’t make the ordered child support payments. For those who cannot pay, a child support modification may be able to reduce the monthly amount, but cannot get rid of the amount in arrears.

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